About us...last edited  October 2017

We started this Directory (Melbourne-Vic.com and later.com.au) as a Community project in 2002, although the original version under a different name (internetparties.com) began in 2000. It was NOT ADVERTISED EXCEPT FOR A VERY SHORT GOOGLE TRIAL OF A COUPLE OF MONTHS some years ago, and presently a campaign on FaceBook. It is constantly being added to, and entries are welcomed either FREE OF CHARGE or at the rates set out in the...
"List your Website"  link..
Sites with a COMMUNITY interest and for NON PROFIT organizations are extremely important to us and can be  listed FREE.

Because this website is viewed by minors, we do not accept any Website Links that connect to material considered unsuitable for this age group.

Send us an email ...... service@melbourne-vic.com of the details of your website, indicating which Category you prefer....after paying via PayPal from the "List your Website" page.

We also offer a Website design service see details.

  • The aim of this Website Directory is to facilitate the finding of information to people living in Melbourne and Victoria, in a way that is user friendly and giving most entries EQUAL exposure-.

  • We reserve the right to take legal action against anyone bulk copying our linked system. We have codes, web crawlers and ip address monitors in place to identify such infringements. 

  • There are many sites that are created and then closed..this of course results in "DEAD LINKS", you are more than welcome to inform us of this, and we will amend our listing.....but it would be too labour intensive for us to REGULARLY review the sites no longer alive.

  • We make use of YOUTUBE videos where convenient to create a more relevant category.


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